The Monroe County Co-Op is proud of its long tradition of being deeply involved with the farmers of  Monroe and surrounding counties
 with chemicals, animal health products, livestock equipment, fertilizer and seed, fencing wire and posts . . . and boots by Wolverine, LaCrosse and Georgia.  But you get more than just products at the co-op . . . you benefit from the knowledge and experience of a trained, helpful, courteous staff.  All of us are eager to be of service to you!

You've worked hard to obtain the American dream . . . kids, a pet or two, a few acres and some other animals here and there. Some call it hobby farming . . . you call it therapy. Nothing better than getting home after a long day at work. The kids give you a hug and the dog lets you know he's glad you're home, too. You change your clothes and head out to the barn before sundown to tend to the animals. Aren't you glad you feed LAKE COUNTRY products?
AGRILIANCE has the agronomic products, services and know-how to help you make smart, informed decisions every day. Our experts are ready to deliver a broad range of crop input products and services right now, when you need them. We live and breathe your business daily, drawing upon local and global resources to help you minimize risk and maximize opportunities.
CROPLAN GENETICS offers the latest and most complete line of conventional and biotechnology traits.
Farmers, landscape contractors, estate owners and many others choose Wood products for their durability and performance. Our mowing, material handling, and landscaping equipment is known for its dependability.